Why Camel?

A noble signature


Camel leather has a unique surface appearance which gives a lot of character and authenticity to the final product.


Most of the bovine leathers surfaces known today have been buffed before being mechanically printed with a designs imitating genuine leather appearance. This global trend aims at hiding natural defects and creates a plastic-feel to the surface which reduces the genuine leather natural' properties.


Our camel leathers have so much character and authenticity that we respect their natural surface and never replace their genuine beauty with a mechanical surface treatment.

Our finished camels products are in fact guaranteed "full-grain" and authentic for a durable pleasure.

We developed a wide range of camel leather types to further enhance the authenticity of this noble material and perfectly fit the requirements of each type of application.

The very specific hair of Camels has also been preserved for our special collection of Hair-on camel leathers where the animal fur is thoroughly cleaned and treated before the tanning of the hide itself.